Introduction to Recording

We've reached the point of greatest fear. This is where the majority of potentially amazing podcasts stall; stop in their tracks; die in the dust. This is where you have to commit your voice to microphone and expose yourself to the world.

In this lesson I'm going to lay out everything you need to beat the fear, and just GET IT DONE. In some ways, there's little else to say; it's just about sitting down and doing the work, as Stephen Pressfield has famously written.

But, to say it anyway, we're going to look at the basic equipment you need to get your voice into digital form. That means a microphone and some recording software. At this stage, we're just looking at stuff you'll most likely have lying around anyway, taking you on the easiest path to getting your first episode finished. In later lessons we'll look at different setups, such as co-hosting or Skype interviews, but what we'll cover in this lesson forms the foundation for most of that anyway.

Once you've recorded, I'll show you how to export that all-important MP3 file. That file is your gateway to Podcast Liberation. That little MP3 will carry your voice, your message, around the world and back. And trust me, after you've done it once, the fear will ebb, and you'll do it again and again.

I hope this lesson helps you to beat the fear and to finally liberate your podcast. I can't wait to see it out there!