What You Want, WHEN You Want It | Adam K

Adam K - Senior Tutor, Bauer Academy

The future of podcasting for me is everything. I think traditional radio is gone. I believe ... I can't remember the last time I listened to live radio, because I go to podcasts and collect what I want when I want it. Whether it's been a late night broadcast, and I'm listening to it for my breakfast. It's all about podcasts, and that's why I can't encourage you enough to start now, because if you start now, you're going to make the mistakes early. Everyone makes mistakes. It's cool. They happen, but by the time you get to episode 10, by the time you get to episode 20, these mistakes will have been ironed out, and people are going to opt into your feed. That's why start now. Do it, because the future is podcasting. I'm absolutely certain of it.