Relax, Be Yourself & Seek Feedback | Paul Sylvester

Paul Sylvester - Content Director, Absolute Radio

When you're presenting your podcast, be authentic, be real, be yourself. Nobody will listen to your podcast wanting you to be a robot. So, relax and enjoy it. Learn from it. Listen back to it. Get other people to listen to your podcast, and give you feedback. If you can't accept the feedback, then you're probably not gonna make a great presenter; whether it's your podcast radio, TV, whatever.

So, relax and enjoy it. Learn from each episode that you make. Make sure the next one is better than the last one, but be honest. Be real. Be yourself. That's all people want. Everyone wants you to be great. So, go on and do that.

Remember to Speak to just ONE PERSON...

Paul Sylvester - Content Director, Absolute Radio

Podcasting is all about having fun. Podcasting should be different to radio, you've got that freedom, so use it. Have conversations with your friends, practise. If this is your gateway to being a broadcaster, if you want to end up being on the radio, this is a brilliant way to start it, but just remember to relax, enjoy it, don't worry about things too much. Don't think that you're going to be talking to this huge audience, because you might not be to start with, you might only be talking to one or two people. And if you're having a conversation and hosting your podcast, pretend like you're talking to just one person, stick a photo of your mom in front of you and talk to that photo. Just think that you're just talking to one person, because that will not only get rid of the nerves but it will also make you feel a little bit more natural.