The Joy of Simple Equipment | Paul Sylvester

Paul Sylvester - Content Director, Absolute Radio

It's really easy to make a podcast these days. Realistically, you could even do it on your phone if you wanted to and tie it all together. I wouldn't invest, to start with, in huge amounts of big equipment. I'd actually get used to it, make sure you want to keep doing it, make sure you actually start the journey with the equipment that you've got and then start to invest. Because more editing software, audio software, will come, but actually what you want to do is first of all just get the podcast up. But it's easy to do in your bedroom, don't worry too much at the start about the sound quality, just get the podcast out there. People, if they enjoy the content, will cope with a poor sound experience to start with, but then over time that needs to improve. Then what you might want to do is invest in video cameras to make it a visualised podcast or to record little videos as social teasers as well.