Why Podcasting is Growing so Fast | Rihannon Evans

Rhiannon Evans - Commissioning Editor, Grazia

I think the success of podcasting is down to the fact that they're super accessible, you don't have to be part of a club, you don't have to be part of a membership. They're also really findable, you can go out into the world and you can say, "I like this. I want to listen to this." You can be niche or you can be big. You can listen to a huge podcast with millions of followers, you can listen to one with 200 hundred followers. So there's a big range out there. And I think increasingly where we might have sometimes sat in the car and stared out the window, listen to a radio station we didn't like that much, watched a bit of TV we weren't bothered about. We're not doing that anymore, we're finding out things we want and I think people are interested in the content that podcasts are carrying.