The Podcraft Academy

THE place to Launch & Grow your Dream Show

What is the Podcraft Academy?

Launch at Last, Conquer the Tech, Grow your Audience, Earn from Your Show, Get Personal Help

The Podcraft Academy is a learning community, run by Colin Gray and his team at ThePodcastHost. We're dedicated to helping anyone, anywhere, to get their message out into the world. It includes:

🔥 Deep Podcasting Courses: Remove the guesswork & save days! Over a dozen full courses, with video lessons, written guides & actionable tasks.
🔥 Personal Live Coaching: Get your burning questions answered on live Q&A support sessions with our team, and community support.
🔥 Resources & Tools: Time saving checklists, free music library and sound effects library, step-by-step launch calendar, sponsors catalog & more!
🔥 Community Support & Inspiration: Collaborate with an amazing group of podcasters, all with skin in the game and motivated to make their shows skyrocket. 

Instant access to 22 in-depth courses, 100s of video lessons, dozens of hours of learning, live support sessions, free theme music, ebooks, checklists, sponsorship & affiliate catalog, & more!

Do Any of These Questions Sound Familiar?

⁉️ How I launch, Quick, with less stress?
⁉️ How do a grow a great audience?
⁉️ How do I edit my show and create great quality audio?
⁉️ How can I earn from my show?
⁉️ What's the best microphone or software to use?
⁉️ How do I set up podcast hosting andpublish my show?

There's help with every part of this, and a lot more, right inside the Podcraft Academy!

Can I ask Questions & Get Some Personal Support?

It's possible to go totally self-service but, of course, everyone has questions from time to time! Here's how we can help:

🗣 Live Personal Coaching: Get all your questions answered inside our regular live Q&A sessions, free for full Academy members. Chat to one of our team, and break through every barrier.
🗣️ Engaged, Committed Members: You'll get access to a members-only space inside our community to talk to other committed podcasters, to learn from them and share your wisdom. 

What Plan Should I Buy?

Here are your options:

Just looking for the easiest way to Launch?

🚀 The Launch Essentials Course:
One-off Purchase. Includes everything you need to get your show out into the world. Includes access to our Community Conversations space, to chat to other members.

You're Live & Focussed on Growing your Audience:

🪴 The Growth Essentials Course:
One-off Purchase. Includes a full blueprint for podcast growth, including nearly 50 strategies and tactics to grow your audience. Includes access to our Community Conversations space, to chat to other members. 

Taking Your Show Seriously, Looking for Launch, Growth, Earning, Production, Presentation Skills, Live Support, and other Podcasters to Share the Journey With:

⭐ The Full Podcraft Academy:
A monthly or annual subscription, this gets you access to EVERYTHING listed on this page, from courses, to community, to live support. This includes our premium courses above. 

The Full Podcraft Academy Plan includes:

Access EVERY course & resource
Full step-by-step Launch program
In-depth Audience Growth program
Live Q&A sessions with our team
Community support & motivation
In-depth eBooks & guides to download
Tailored tools to cut time & stress
Royalty-free music & sound FX library
Checklists & SOPs to save you time
Earn from the affiliate & sponsor directory