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Our action-filled, jargon-free guide to starting a podcast in 20 days

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Our 20-day quickstart guide to starting a podcast, in easily readable, beautifully designed eBook format. The quickest possible way to start, with extensive tasks for each day, to get you taking action!

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Here's what you get in the Guide

Tutorials and tasks for every step of starting your podcast. You'll work through each of these steps over 20 days:

  1. Who is your podcast for?
  2. What equipment do you need?
  3. How to record on your computer
  4. Finding music for your podcast
  5. Why should they listen?
  6. How to create a website for your podcast
  7. What's the best media hosting service to use?
  8. Naming your podcast
  9. How to record an online call (incl. Skype)
  10. How long should a podcast be?
  11. Catchup & review
  12. How often should I podcast?
  13. What's your podcast format?
  14. How to script a podcast
  15. How to edit a podcast
  16. How much do you need to edit a podcast?
  17. How to make your podcast coverart
  18. How to get into Apple Podcasts / iTunes & elsewhere
  19. Next steps to grow your show
  20. How to make Podcasting easy & sustainable

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Your Instructor

Colin Gray
Colin Gray

Colin is a podcaster, speaker, PhD and founder of and The Podcast Host is a podcast network and a huge content resource on creating a successful show. Alitu is a tool automates podcast production and assists editing, making podcasting quick and easy!