How to Make Money with your Podcast

Learn how to begin earning a living from your podcast. This can start with a small affiliate income, a grow to your own products & services. We'll show you both

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Podcasting has many benefits and perks for those who do it well, and over a long term basis.

Earning money is one of those potential benefits. Some podcasters are able to recoup and cover things like hosting costs, and even have some change left over for a drink at the weekend.

There's even a very small minority of podcasters who've created good enough content that it's become their full time job!

If you've been consistently podcasting for around a year or more, then you might've arrived at the stage where it'll be possible to monetise your show in some shape or form.

Alternatively, if you're new to this, or have only recently started, you might just be interested in how podcast monetisation works. There's nothing wrong with planning ahead.

Whatever stage you're at, this course will walk you through the various avenues available to you when it comes to podcast monetisation.

From sponsorship and advertising, to product creation and affiliate marketing – you'll find it all in How to Make Money with Your Podcast.

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Your Instructor

Colin Gray
Colin Gray

Colin is a podcaster, speaker, PhD and founder of thePodcastHost.com and Alitu.com. The Podcast Host is a podcast network and a huge content resource on creating a successful show. Alitu is a tool automates podcast production and assists editing, making podcasting quick and easy!

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